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moein kamali


A king entrusted a tutor with he care of his son,saying:this is thy son.educate him as if he were one of  thy own children.he kept the prince for some years and strove to instruct him but could effect nothing,whilst the sons of the tutor made the greatest progress in accomplishments and eloquence.the king reproved and threatened the learned man with punishment,telling him that he had acted contrary to his promise and had been unfaithful.he replied:”O king the instruction is the same but the natures(capacities) are different

Although both silver and gold come from stones

All stones do not contain silver and gold

Canopus is shining upon the whole world

But produces in some places sack-leather and in others adim

(Saadi,Iranian poet)

Perhaps ,in saadi,s words the issue of the facilities is straitforward in relation to the essence of the individual in the face of the environment,but in fact such an understanding of nature as against education is a raw and one dimensional idea…to further a better understanding of this,”observation psychoanalysis” is a way to explain the conceptual transition of the subject,which I mention below:

Psychoanalytical ontology or epistemology of psychoanalysis!

The psychoanalytical idea is to understand the presence of human mind in two areas of consciousness and unconsciousness.The consciousness of the category is the mentality that achieves the phenomenon of the experience with the discovery,examination,and control of the subject,and adapts particular to the world around it.So that the person can identify the path from the well and help his growth,survival and evolution.but unconsciously does not fit in the fence around the world. And do not embark on the compound of reality.it is mounted on the horses steadfast motion,and moves towards the path…the directional psychoanalysis is a profound exploration in the unconscious mind and identifying it with an experience called awareness…in this text awareness does not mean consciousness ,but it means the touch of hidden reality inside(I called observation land).Although many psychoanalysts preoccupy the existence of unconsciousness in consciousness,they promise to wake it up and make a compromise with the world.but more than this classification(conscious,unconscious and awareness),the structure,the reason and the why of this division is…in essence the mind experiences features that may either be forgotten or confronted with other subjects,such as forms versus concepts or reality versus truth…now, if we consider the assumption of the world based on our perception or on the basis of external facts,there is still a mental state for the facts.Because if the structure is not mindful,the reality will not be shaped,and then there thing is not things.The division of human psyche into consciousness and unconsciousness is itself derived from the property of the mind,which in the category of self-knowledge the concept of division and separation.Sometimes it forms unity and integrity,and in another category it breaks down and decomposes…sometimes brings forth the truth and sometimes doubts and hollows…but what can it really be that is the basis of all these functions and the inferences of the mind! perhaps the mind on its foundations continuously and relentlessly is observing.perhaps this is the fundamental observation force that we know the world of thought and history with various theories and schema.One day it presents the” idealists” in the history of philosophy and once again introduces the” realist”,he once calls philosopher into ” existentialism” and places somewhere in the hermeneutic hermitage,sometimes it tells epistemology and sometimes speaks of pure ontology…and now we are witnessing another observable concept called psychoanalysis.the mind is,first of all,an observer.and psychoanalysis is such a discovery.the division of mind into two consciousness and unconsciousness in the psychoanalysis is childish and crude,because the unobtrusive mindset of the mind exceeds these types of divisions,and in some way needs more quality than distinctive titles.when Freud considered the “libido” to be the basis of human currents,when Jung proclaimed the flourishing through the archetypes ,Adler regarded the game of inferiority to superiority,something that was ignored as a banner of “observation” were.Observation is not the act of seeing(the 5 senses),or the method of research or study,but its not true that psychoanalysis define its discoveries like libido,archetypes,or superiority as the basis for human psyche.”It is the observation of mankind,the foundation of human psyche.the observation is the founder and discoverer of a vast range of disciplines,thoughts,cultures and behaviors,which means observation is not device or instrument of the things,but the basis of appearance of every things…this is a pure psychoanalysis.Awareness more than consciousness,because consciousness wakes up in the land of observation…!


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